Liberty Village

Toronto Underground Complex PATHNetworking to PATH System 

Subway Station: Queen’s Park Station (Yellow Line)
Ossington Station

Destination: Liberty Village

About Liberty Village

As the ongoing gentrification of downtown Toronto pushes farther outwards from the core, Liberty Village has become one of Toronto’s best neighborhoods for young professionals and artists pushing farther west for less established areas, while still remaining a short walk or streetcar ride from the core. The area has experienced phenomenal growth in the last decade: many old factories have been repurposed as lofts while others have become restaurants, gyms, furniture stores and galleries; a slew of new condos and townhouses continue to be built, along with a new park and a multitude of new shops and restaurants.

Liberty Village is bounded at the north by King Street West, the west by Dufferin Street, the south by the Gardiner Expressway, the east by Strachan Avenue, and the northeast by the CP railway tracks. The Liberty Village name was introduced as a positive ‘brand’ by the property owners and developers in the area in conjunction with the City of Toronto. The neighborhood aims to distinguish itself from Parkdale, which now begins west of Dufferin Street.

The area’s location is considered one of its finest assets: a 5 minute walk to the Lakeshore, 20 minute walk to the financial core and a 10 minute walk from the entertainment/fashion/gallery districts of King Street West, West Queen West, Ossington, Dundas Street West and Wellington St. West.

Soccer and ultimate Frisbee teams come to play at Lamport Stadium while avid rock climbers tackle the walls at Joe Rockheads. The revitalized Liberty Market Building is quickly becoming a local landmark, home to a growing mix of restaurants and shops.

Originally an area of heavy industry, the old warehouses were eventually converted cool offices, and the hood became a sort of Dotcom Central. Liberty Village has parlayed its tech cred and industrial roots into a hot spot for burgeoning Web 2.0 start-ups, porn web sites (really!), film and television production companies and a growing residential community settling into former factories turned lofts. It has been dubbed by many the “hottest” neighbourhood in Toronto.

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